Spotlite Profile – Cafe 1923

From corner store, to deli, to the local soda shop and candy store, the building that now houses the Cafe 1923 coffee house has enjoyed a rich and vibrant history. Cafe 1923 has become a welcomed fixture on the Hamtramck landscape, serving as art gallery, music venue and meeting place for an entire community. “See you at the cafe” has been a familiar refrain for my friends and I for years, and we’d meet up there before ball games, BBQ’s or whatever else we might happen to be doing. When I was taking online classes at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, it was the perfect place to bring my laptop, log on, and pretend to study while striking up conversations with friends and strangers alike. What else can I say? It’s a cool place full of cool people. Here’s a peek:

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Spotlite Profiles

Today Lightshine Productions begins it’s “Spotlite Profile” series of videos. Spotlite Profiles, with the emphasis on “lite,” are short introductions to people, places and things of interest in and around town. A Spotlite Profile provides a simple, honest introduction to yourself or your business, and since the editing involved is minimal, it can be a great, cost effective way to get professional video content on your website.

In the coming days and weeks we’ll be taking a look at a local theater, a TaeKwon-Do studio, Hamtramck’s favorite coffee house and we’ll watch as culinary expert Danny Wasmund shows us how to prepare an elegant – yet novice friendly – gourmet meal.

Today we’ll start by meeting Raymond and Joan Bittner, from the Polish Art Center in Hamtramck, MI. The Polish Art Center is full of unique, handmade treasures individually selected by Raymond and daughter Kathleen during their yearly trip to Poland. From folk art to fine art, Christmas ornaments to novelties, they have something for everyone. And you’d be hard pressed to find more genuine, down to earth and kind hearted people. The Art Center is located at 9539 Joseph Campau, in Hamtramck. It’s definitely worth the trip.

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